Torn between two guys... Please help?

So I just moved from Florida. I was talking to my ex of 6 years until I moved here. We actually only dated a year or 2 out of the 6 we've been talking, we had a bad habit of dating other people then getting back together. He's my first love though. I used to be depressed and we did a lot of drugs together. We have a bond like no other.

Well, when I moved down here I met an amazing guy. I mean he treats me with respect, by far the most attractive guy that ever had interest in me. Well we connected as well, he already graduated the college I currently go to, he took me out. His s*x game is amazing. I've never orgasm-ed more than two times in a session and he made me at least 10-15 times. He already has a good paying job, nice car, own place, everything going for him.

My ex came back and made me re-think everything. I told the new guy that I just wanted to be friends, but I kept the option open to date later on. He said it was cool but he had no interest in that and to have a nice life. Now I'm going back to FL to meet up with my ex. Why do I keep on going back to him? I love him but I know he's no good for me.
Torn between two guys... Please help?
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