Why Can't My Ex Just Tell Me Whats Going On, Hurt and Confused, why won't he just let me go?

So I will keep this short and sweet, no one enjoys reading wall to wall text. My ex boyfriend and I started out strong, we had an amazing, deep, and heart felt connection. Our troubles began 3 months into the relationship, when I had to take the morning after pill. I had still not been over my past, and all my anxieties were coming to a head. I finally broke down mentally, while he himself was also breaking down. The night he broke up with me for the second time, first time we broke up, was because his past insecurities. He had a string of bad relationships, just like I had a string of bad relationships. Keeping how I felt hidden. After I took the morning after pill, all of the sudden my ex had been realizing what I had been hiding. He tried his best to save me, when he himself was falling apart. My ex still talk to me, on top of, being in the middle of moving to a different place, trying to get a job promotion, which he got, dealing with his issues, and my erratic behavior. After I spilled everything about my past to him, I felt painfully exposed, would do things I normally would not do. This took a toll on what friendship, we were trying to have. He went dead silent cold on me, I went to therapy to sort myself out and so did he. All the while I was trying to make contact with him, he only seems to write me emotional e-mails when I lash out at him. One e-mail he said he was so mad, that he cursed, cried and punch a wall because of the way I behaved. He said he did not expect it from me. He did come out and say that he could not say hello or goodbye, because it is a tough spot to be in. He said he was not ready to say good bye, but not ready to work on things. His exact words, while you want to move forward right now, I don't. I will text you when I'm ready, if I ever will. He just won't let me go, I'm not going to be the one to say goodbye when I don't want to. I know he is talking to someone new, but he has not told me about her and does not know that I know.
Why Can't My Ex Just Tell Me Whats Going On, Hurt and Confused, why won't he just let me go?
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