My ex-girlfriend seems to want to talk to me>

Well my ex-girlfriend seems to be trying to contact me (she talked to one of her old friends that we both knew from high school and the first thing she says is asking how I'm doing and if she has talked to me) and I'm tempted to talk to her again but I feel like something might happen plus she has an ex-alcoholic dad who is very angry and protective and I currently do have a girlfriend so what do ya think I should do? (though I have a feel of what your going to say)


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  • I would say go with your heart, if you feel like you want to talk to her then do it, but stay respectful to your relationship, but if you feel like you want her back then let this relationship go before you end up cheating, I'm in a similar situation, I want my Ex back and He's now with someone else, and I've done the trying to find him thing, now we talk , we hang out and we even ended up having sex, and now we are at a point where he doesn't know what he wants to do and I know I want him back. So just be sure of your feelings and what you want and what is making you happy...Sometimes the past is the past for a reason and sometimes the past comes back for a reason...

    • Ya its hard to do that cause my girlfriend doesn't really want sex so I only get it once a month and now she's talking about waiting til sept 5'th so I'm being sex starved and another girl seems to want to offer me it.... oh the temptation damnit

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    • Ya I just might do that though one thing that scares me is her dad who is just a complete d*** and harassed me when we dated and told me to stay the f*ck away from his daughter

    • Well at the end of the day your not talkin to him, your talkin to her, just be cautious

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