Please share your opinions about my poem? Should I send it?

It's about heartbreak, please don't judge too harshly, it's just an expression of feeling. Sometimes we need to do this to get over someone. I'm contemplating whether I should send this to the guy who broke my heart. Probably won't, appreciate your opinions. There's some personal stuff, which I explained in brackets so it's less cheesy, lol (part 2)


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  • I think as an exercise, this will help you
    Very cheesy but cute! i wish girls would write poems for me
    But dont send it. If you are done with him, you are done. If he is done with you, and won't give you another chance, I dont think you should try to start a new fire, it will only burn you again </3

    Feel better, try and kindle a new flame with a new lover
    this has burnt out

    • haha, thanks. I know it's cheesy as hell. Wrote it a month ago, he wouldn't pick up the phone when I tried calling on his birthday.

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    • I'm sorry, that sucks. Really wish I could stop thinking about this guy. I guess we'll stop thinking about them when someone new comes along and takes their place. Makes you wish you met the right person early in life and didn't have to go through heartbreak. almost never happens though. Firsts are the hardest to get over :(

    • Yeah, she was my first love </3
      I understand your struggle
      Hopefully we will both find new companions and never have to experience heartbreak again

      Good luck <3

  • It's awesome


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