Is it my fault?

hey i am 17 years old. My ex and me have been in relationship for 4.5 months. We had 4 break ups. RN, i am dying with guilt inside me. my 3rd breakup.. my ex told me he likes my bully's boob. i told him about the rumours i heard about him that he kissed his ex girlfriend when he was dating me. he was like why i care if he kisses his ex. that fucked up my mind and i told it to my bully. During this i was in break from him to focus on my studies. when he came to know about this, he broke up with me.

I love him so much.. somehow i worked to get back into relationship.

a month after this incident. , my ex suddenly told he likes another girl so he wants break up with me.. i knw this was absolute bullshit. he is a one woman man. somehow i tried to cut his bullshits. Finally he told he wanted a break up bc of our mum's happiness. ( he is Christian and i am Hindu girl) he said he caant marry me bc i am hindu girl which his mum will never accept. I was not in position to accept all these things.. just a month back i got him back in my life.. finally he suggested me.. sex is the only way for us not to get separated. he told love is an emotion and sex creates an unbreakable bond. besides he always wanted to have sex with me.. i was confused as hell. then he told me he would make his girl bestiee to talk to me as a councillor. i spoke with her. i literally told her all my feelings.. everything.. including sex part.. it came in flow.. i didn't think before sending it.. she got pissed off and yelled at him.. and he came and abused my family.. like calling them frauds etc..

a note about me : i got bullied. i overthink i get panic attacks.


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  • Faults happen to everyone.
    People jump in to the river without thinking whether it have pirhana or crocodile lol.
    Forget him. He is not worth to have you.

  • It's not your fault


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