How do you get over a really bad fight with the person you where dating?

Seeing this guy for the last 1-2 months , we both want different were as too how fast the realtionship is going. We got pretty heated and said some not very nice stuff. It got childish at one point where we both activated our online dating profiles but then when he seen it he sent me another horrible message.

Tbh I don't even want to be with anyone else but him and if he wants to go slow then I'll just have to accept the it. I'm worried we won't be able to make up after this it's the first time we've ever had a fight. Usually were like such good friends so the feeling is horrible not speaking to him the last few days as normal.

Should I leave it alone for another while or message him now? When you had your first fight was there anything that would not make you want to take the person back?
  • Message him and explain how you feel in a non aggressive way
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  • Give it another few days
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  • Break up.


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