Have you ever decided NOT to date someone because?

even tho you knew they LIKED you, you thought you liked them MUCH more?

( If you have done this)

How do you decide they do not like you enough?


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  • How do you not like someone enough..

    It sounds like an insecurity issue.

    You can't "like someone" right off the bat "enough" (in your case) to decide that they don't like you..."enough."

    Feelings grow in time. So maybe you should stop that habit if ASSUMING they don't like you.

    Most people don't like to wear their feelings on their sleeves.

    Goodluck - Sero.


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  • I haven't been "liked" very much at all, but to answer your question...I would hesitate to date someone, or continue dating her, if she wasn't showing at least as much interest in me as I had in her. That's because relationships should be equal, and I'm not about to lay out all my cards for a girl who's wishy-washy, or who'd rather be somewhere else than with me.

  • it would depend on the girl. if she was the type I knew would cheat on me. I wouldn't pursuit it


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