How do I turn a physical attraction into more?

My boyfriend just broke up with me 1 week ago. He says that he can't live without me and I honestly feel the same way so we're basically bestfriends right now which Makes no sense considering we just broke up 1 week ago. We've meet 3 times ever since the break up and every time he sees me he kisses me. There's a really strong attraction between us and we can't stay one hour without talking to each other. We've been through so much together for the past 1 year and 5 month. I know that he's just attracted to me now because I screw up as his girlfriend it was basically the same routine over and over again and I picked too many fights for no reason when so ever I messed up really bad and now he's afraid of even having a realationship. But I want him back and I don't know what to do to get him back. How do I keep things interesting emotionally? How do I show him I'm more than just someone that he's attracted to? How do I get him back without losing him because we honestly can't stay away from each other and when we meet we can't keep out hands to our self. So we're basically stuck in this bestfriends with benifits place because of me and I want him back as more. The only problem is that I don't know how to get him back.


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  • Tell him you are "sorry and regret what you do" at the right time. Let him have some time of his own and slowly start to improve your behavior with him. I will say slowly cuz if you do it all once, he will backed down.


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  • You don't. If someone decides they're not compatible with you (emotionally, physically, or life goals) then you're not compatible. You're behaving exactly like all the guys who complain about being "friendzoned". If you aren't okay being his friend or friends with benefits then it's on YOU to cut contact and move on from someone who doesn't want a romantic relationship with you.

    Bottom line: you can't, and shouldn't try to, convince someone to like you. You need to respect their choice and move on.

    • That's not the thing he does like me he even said it we are compatible I just haven't been my self for the past month because I had a lot going on so he thought I changed when I didn't. I've been pushing him down instead of helping him and I was holding onto him too tight for no reason and now I lost him because of all of that crap and I can't stop regretting it.

    • So you pushed him away emotionally and he decided to bail instead of discussing the problems. Neither of those help build a healthy relationship. And instead of trying to fix the issues with your behavior that contributed to the break up, you are behaving the same way hoping that it's going to magically make him want to date you again. Do you see why I think you are being ridiculous?

      You're young so this level of emotional maturity is not out of the norm. However, you need to start taking responsibility for your behavior and work on being a better you. Maybe he will see you improving and decide he wants to be with you again. Even if he doesn't, you will be a better person and got won't ruin the next relationship you have work the same behavior.

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