Do you think he is seeing her?

at the end of last month my ex told me he went on a double date as a favor to his friend but he went into detail about how the woman wanted to sleep with him, but he didn't want to. He also told me they went out for coffee the next day. I got upset and told him that's why I didn't want to be friends, and he quickly texted me that it wasn't really a date and if I was okay and he quickly called me to ask if I was okay. We talked for almost 3 hours. He then called me later that day again and he was telling me he still loves me and never wants to lose and he wanted to talk about us, only problem he was drunk.

He then texted me the next day, then again on may 4th and he was calling me when he was drunk and telling me again that he loves me. But I haven't heard from him since, it seems like he changed after he told me about that girl.

Do you think he is seeing her and that's why I haven't heard from him?
Do you think he is seeing her?
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