Can you help me understand?

I sent my ex a very vunerable apology and all he said was "thank you, I hope we can be friends too". He blew off everything I said! He dumped me but I took full responsibility for our breakup. We've only been broken up a month but it seems he's completely moved on. My feelings don't matter to him anymore. I don't get it? I made mistakes but I still loved him & was a faithful/loving girlfriend. I'm starting to feel he met someone else but isn't man enough to tell me... because I don't see how he could completely turn his back on me. Instead HE FRIEND ZONED ME & let me blame myself.

I don't get it :( how did he fall out of love so fast if it wasn't another girl?


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  • He doesn't need to tell you if he's moved onto someone else it's not about him being "man enough."
    He is the one that broke up with you it always tends to be easier to move on when that's the case as they knew it was coming and had time to prepare for it. It's harder for you because you were the one that got broken up with.

    It's only been a month depending on how long your relationship was I doubt he is completely over you but he has no responsibility for you anymore and you can't get mad that he is 'turning his back on you' which he isn't doing by the way he just doesn't owe you anything and you have no right expecting him to.

    Just take one day at a time and move on with your life I know it's hard and it takes time but you can do it and it gets better. If I was you I would avoid initiating any contact with him if he wants to talk to you he will, because he's the heart-breaker shall we say you shouldn't be 'chasing' after him so-to-speak, if he sees that you are doing okay without him and are not going out of your way to talk to him he is more likely to miss you and more likely to initiate contact and show interest in your life and In a couple of months time you can have the closure talk but until then stop talking to him it's going to hurt you a lot more then it hurts him.


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  • It doesn't take a third person to fall out of love with someone - often that person's behavior or attitude or whatever is more than enough. You didn't explain the situation (and you don't have to), but you say that you "made mistakes". Well, you don't seem to get that some "mistakes" can't be forgiven, and will change your relationship forever.

    Part of being an adult is accepting the consequences of your actions, and recognizing that every decision and every action will have consequences, and sometimes when you make a mistake, you can fix it, and sometimes you can't - no matter what you do and no matter how much you want to. Often, you have to learn a hard life lesson to actually LEARN and ACCEPT this truth - and it sounds like this might be one of those times for you.

    The point of the lesson is to be much more careful and considered when you make decisions, and do your best to put yourself in your partner's shoes and see his point of view when you make a decision that will affect him (and he should do the same with you).

    You don't always get a second chance. And you also need to accept that once someone has broken up with you, it's OVER - and likely your ENTIRE RELATIONSHIP with that person is completely, totally over. They no longer owe you anything - not even a delay in continuing their personal life. They are allowed to move on virtually instantly. That's life.

    Use this pain you are feeling to help let these lessons sink in, and next time you are about to make a flippant decision that could affect your relationship, think long and hard about this pain and whether you want to feel it again - because if you hurt your partner, he's probably going to hurt you too.

  • He's afraid that when he address every point in your apology he might give you the impression there is a chance you get together again. Which he clearly don't want to. But why take full responsibility for the breakup? It takes two to tango, and hé broke up.


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  • Whichever member of the party does the breakup is typically somewhat moved on when it happens. He seems as if he's moved on, which isn't a bad thing, and you should too. Some people take longer than others some people take shorter than others to move on everyones different


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