Lingering feelings or resentment?

Long story short. Girl I was close with wanted to leave her past behind and move on after she finihsed school.

I seen she moved back home to Eastern Canada and started her nutrition company which she finished school for.

I decided to reach out to her after 5+ months or so and got a lot of positives back including she's happy for me and then she says she's she met a lovley person a while back and is in a more serious relationship.

The only thing I would like is still to be friends and wished her the best with no remorse and said a lot of thank yous for the time and memories that kind of stuff. But it still hurts not being able to talk, im not sure if she has some resentment or feelings against me.

I did get her a gift for her B day but it may be to soon to send up I think some simply wishes would be more appropite


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  • Your prolonging the pain... just move on!


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