How did he played me so well?

This guy I was talking to for about 3 months was not someone I was looking for. We met randomly, and in the first couple of hours of knowing each other it was like we had known each other for years. We don't live near each other, but kept in contact through calls and texts. We finally saw each other after about a month, and everything was going fine until it was his turn to visit. It became obvious he was playing me, and he agreed to end things when I brought it up because our lives were too complicated at the moment, and he was going to ruin things... bs right... he apologized for ending things this way because he never intended to but basically that how it ended. A month later he already has a new official girlfriend, who is local. HIs life was too complicated when it came to me, but from what he has said to me in the past month his life had only gotten more complicated for stupid decisions he had made, but still not complicated enough to be with her. All I can fathom is that he played me the whole time and is a great liar, I know I'm better off, but it hurts thinking someone you had such a special connection with doesn't exist, and if it wasn't a lie, then even what we had wasn't enough to enter a more complicated relationship because of our lives... I just don't get how someone can just replace, lie and move on and leave the people they play with in the dust... Why do this?
How did he played me so well?
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