Is breaking up with this guy over text okay?

So how to break up with this guy. Details: we were set up by friends and have casually dated since January (so 5 months) But it's long distance, so we've only gone on like 6 dates. We're not exclusive. Our main form of communication is over text. He's not chatty, so very few phone calls. We had sex once - the last date we had. I need to break it off because there's zero chemistry - in and out of the bedroom. So is it okay break up with him via text? Or is that too impersonal?


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  • I can't stand when women don't have the guts to call and talk to me on the phone. All but one women that broke up with me, did it via text. I will always call and explain why. It it has been more then 3 dates, it is the least you can do.


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