So... I realize my ex is a jerk.. but why?


So my boyfriend and I recently broke up and we just were talking. We had our large last fight, and he was supposed to help me move and I told him no I did not want to talk to him or see him again. (Even though he broke up with me). Now, a week or so later I am at the restraund with that his brother works at with my parents. His brother texts him, and he comes in with two girls... and makes a big ass deal outta it. Now my dad is trying to beat him up and stuff and yelling and I'm like crying because my dad is acting that way. But.. why would he do something like that? I felt no need to mean to him, or be that jerk of an ex girlfriend or anything like that. I just needed my time to heal before we attempted friends. I realize he wanted to date an easy girl which is fine, but I did not think that was necessary and wanted to know why he would do something like that.
So... I realize my ex is a jerk.. but why?
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