Should I wait for him to come around and be with me or give up and let go?

Here's a rundown: he's 30, I'm 27. Dated for over a year, everything was great, suddenly he was questioning our relationship & didn't know if we're what's best for each other. Said he loved me & was in love but needed time apart. He cut me out of his life in every way except his pets were living with me at the time and I was taking care of them. He said he'd pick them up from my house asap. Flash forward 1 month of not talking or seeing each other, pets were still at my house, he didn't pick up his belongings yet, & I was still in love with him so I didn't push it. He suddenly asks how I'm doing, says he misses me, and wants to come over to see me & the dogs. I assumed we'd talk about what happened between us & work things out. He just wanted to hang out and watch tv like nothing was wrong. By the end of the night after I told him I still wanted to be with him, he said we can try again. He texted me for a week and he was the one saying Goodnight and good morning, but when I invited him over one day, he was too busy to see me. Then he told me he missed me and our life together a few days ago ( it'seems been a month & 1/2 since he broke up with me) & then he just stopped texting and I haven't heard from him in 2 days.

What is going on? Am I too blinded by my love for him to see that he clearly doesn't want me? Is there ever a situation that a guy really does need time or they do want to be with someone but they're dealing with their own problems?

Should I be patient and wait for him to realize/come to his senses about me, especially since he still hasn'the picked up his dogs or hs belongings? Or give up because he's not making any effort, basically all talk and no action, and then just silence?

Please help! Thank you in advance!
Should I wait for him to come around and be with me or give up and let go?
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