How do you live knowing you will never be with the person you love?

I love this girl, I want her, I love everything about her.

Never in my life have I felt this way before,

She doesn't want me though. She continues with her marry little life. :'(

How do I live? It's been a year and a half and I have no interest in other women. I date other women, talk to other women, but I still want her.

I don't know what to do?
Thank you for all the answers, I need to move on from her.


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  • You just haven't found the right girl yet. The girl you're supposed to be with. If someone doesn't want you it's a clear sign that you aren't meant to be with that person. It's the universe's way of saying it's not meant to be. Once you realize it's over and have made peace with this, it becomes easier to start opening yourself up to the possibility that the right person is yet to come and that you will find your mate somewhere else.

    • I guess I am still holding on to hope, What if she does want me?

      But if I tell her how I feel it might kill the attraction she has?

      I wish I knew everything happening in her brain.

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    • I am really unsure, She is a confusing girl, I am a confusing boy I guess,

      When we make eye contact, we both now there is something more there. Tension I guess.

    • "What if she does want me?
      But if I tell her how I feel it might kill the attraction she has? "

      If she wants you, telling her you want her won't kill the attraction. Why would it? If anything it may scare her a little, but give her some space and she'll get over it and come back to you if she truly likes you. How do you think relationships come together if no one ever tells or shows the other how they feel?
      People are confusing and she might be just as confused as you are. But nothing will happen if no one does anything.

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  • Hit the weights hard for a year or so and become secure of yourself. Move on amigo because loving yourself is the beginning of the best relationship you will ever have.

    • I really hate myself, I feel so rejected, she is so much better than me. Why would I even think she would like me :(

    • Let's be smart about this a fast forward 4 years from now, you'll be laughing at the thought.

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  • Well then DO something about it!
    Are you sure she knows how you feel? Because many times it's not as obvious to the object of your affection as it is to you. She may know you like her on some level, but that's not nearly enough if you truly want her and only her.
    Maybe you should sit her down and have an adult conversation? Tell her what's on your mind and how you feel about her. I know it sounds terrifying but if you don't do anything how could you ever get her!
    If after you have talked she says she doesn't feel the same way or want the same things, then you may have to let her go and find other things in life that makes you happy. If she seems a bit unsure but doesn't say no, then give her some time and space to figure things out. But in the mean time don't forget to live your life! And if she says yes, then there you go, you got the girl of your dreams.
    What are you waiting? You wouldn't want to regret never truly pursuing her would you?

  • You will get over her one day. That is all you can do, you can't make her love you back.

  • tell her!

    • I asked her out once, she said no.

      She knows I like her (I think), so I figure it would be her turn to give me hint if she wanted me.

    • all or nothing. be clear about your feelings and tell her then if its still a no, take deep breaths, remember to love yourself and let time heal you

    • Maybe this is what I need to do. Tell her how I feel and talk to her about it.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. I've been there too. It gets easier with time and the more you see that person with others the easier eventually it will be to move on.

  • You mean "merry little life "?

    • Yes it is.

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    • Well, I asked her out. She said we were just friends.

      Which really sucked, because I was into her, and it sucks more because I think of her 24/7 and she probably never even had a thought of me. I'm just another loser who likes her, that's all... just a loser.

    • "Which really sucked, because I was into her, and it sucks more because I think of her 24/7 and she probably never even had a thought of me."
      You should never assume to know what goes on in someone's head. It might be she just thinks of you as a friend or it might be that she's constantly thinking about you but isn't fine with showing it. There is no way you could possibly know how much or little someone thinks about you unless you ask or they tell you. Just pick yourself up, stand tall and take the risk of approaching her. You'll never get anywhere by just belittling yourself. It just makes it all way worse.

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  • Problem with men is they project their own attraction onto a woman. Its shows neediness and you're acting like the 'nice guy'. Its a massive turn off to women. You're trying to pin her down to a relationship. Which in turn is making her run.

    You're sounding quite obsessive about it. You need to work on yourself. Spilling your feelings to her will only make her distance herself from you further. Best advice I can give you is to ignore her. Its a fact that women are attracted to men whose feelings are unclear.

  • Oh well. That's how relationships are. Both people have to be in it. Each gets to make their own decision...

  • You just relax. You'll love someone else you penguin-wannabe.

    • What is a penguin-wannabe?

  • Cut her out from your life completely.

    • I wish,

      To be honest, she is a coworker I have to see everyday.

    • This is a tough one that's for sure. Im really sorry, I can't really help on giving advice on this one except going through the 5 stages of grief eventually hitting that acceptance.

    • I keep going through all the stages, because I get over her, and then see her at work and my heart breaks again.

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