How do I forget him fast?

I met this guy a few months ago who was literally perfect for me. We are the exact same person and I've never met someone i click with so well. however, I was sort of an unintentional rebound for him I've realized. He had just gotten out of a relationship 2 months before we started dating and stopped talking to his ex. He was the one who ended things with her because they lack compatibility as romantic partners, however they were best friends. After a month of us dating she begged him to be friends and he agreed thinking it'd be fine, but of course some feelings started to come back. He wanted to be honest with me because I am the only girl he's had feelings for at our school other than her and he feels guilty having feelings for her still and talking to her behind my back. He told me that he could see a future with me and just needed time to deal with his baggage. While i appreciated his honesty, i couldn't continue things with him while he's still emotionally involved with her. I've been cheated on before by a guy with his ex and i don't want to risk that again. So we broke up and now he's been hanging out with the ex again more. I know that this isn't my fault and had nothing to do with me and that I can't compete with a 2 year history from a one month relationship. I just met him at a horrible time. I want to move on and forget about him but I'm having trouble because I saw myself with him in the long run and if i met him at a different time it could've been amazing, and he didn't do anything bad to me to make me hate him. I just can't sit here though and wait for him to figure stuff out with her, its not healthy or fair to me. So my question is, how can i forget what could've been with this amazing guy and move on? I've already deleted him on snapchat and asked him not to speak to me for a little while, but i find that everything reminds me of him since we like all the same things :(


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  • You use paragraph breaks.

    You'll forget him really quickly if you do that.


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  • There is no way to get over someone really fast but discontinuing contact like you are is definitely the first step. Otherwise, all that helps is time and getting out and trying to not think about it, as if that were possible. Just time works, sorry. Also, if you get weak you at least know you cannot go back because of the situation and you know you can't deal. I was in that situation kind of when a guy I found out the guy I was seeing was seeing someone else, we weren't exclusive so he didn't do anything wrong, but I could not continue knowing that. From time to time, I missed him and thought maybe I could go back but instantly said, NOPE, won't be able to and didn't think any further. So, it sounds like you at least have that mindset too. You want to, but know you can't. I was only seeing someone for a couple months and so much reminded me of him in that short time, so unfortunately that will happen a lot too but you will start forgetting and getting over it soon enough. Also, if it didn't work out with them before it is only a matter of time before it doesn't again, so go ahead and let him explore that and most likely fail, lol. He will be back when it does.


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