Have you ever had a mental image of one person that was completely different from who they actually are?

I see my ex as this amazing person and someone I will never be able to get over or find another like him. however, my family and friends tells me how selfish and mean he is for cheating on me and stringing me along and using me for sex. what can I do about this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • actually, there's no such thing as perfect guy or girl.
    he's just using your feelings for him to manipulate you in to having sex.
    you should recognize and see the difference between who loves you and who is taking advantage in your life. (don't sacrifice your body to make him happy.)

    your family and friends are right, but your jealousy doesn't make you believe what they said. ask yourself... are you getting what you need from that relationship?
    just offer to yourself the respect that you deserve and cut him off.

    Good luck...


What Girls Said 2

  • You have an unrealistic idea of how he could be and because girls are always so eager to get the bad boy to change for them, you are struggling to see his flaws and true colors. You should cut him from your life completely because your friends and family are right.

  • That is actually quite normal especially I'm dating. The honey moon phase is mostly that. You have an image of who this person is and start having trouble when reality is different from that image. It takes time and effort to be able to see the real person beyond our expectations.


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