BEST way to get him back?

Whats the best way to get back my boyfriend, who I fought with and is really upset at me, to the point where he barely respond back?


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  • Don't add fuel to the fire by trying to talk to him. Respect his feelings whatever they may be. And go to work on your own mind. You are probably upset over the breakup or the fight, so let yourself take the time to get back on an emotional even keel.

    The trick is to focus your own mind and not try to figure theirs out. Every time you find yourself things like "why is h (not) doing so and so" the smile and shrug it off, and quiet your mind. Find a place of natural happiness and just wait. The good things will come to you when you're happy.

    Sappy I know but it's true...



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  • Stop bugging him and let him come to you.


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  • don't even look for his attention. just don't make any contact with him for a while like a month or weeks and don't tell him you won't look to make contact with him again.
    in that time meet other people, work out, get a new haircut if you'd like to or something, try to be as attractive as possible when you contact him again. and when you contact him don't get straight to the point or anything just be casual and chat via text or something. no accidental meeting, nothing is allowed until you contact him. make sure he gets time to sort things out and leave him alone for a while. don't give up!

    P. S. I'm in the same situation, I want my exgf back who I ignored after the break up and now she's probably in a rebound relationship with another dude. I knew I needed time to finally find her attractive again and that's because she lives her life. People with no life doesn't seem attractive whatsoever.

    • Thank you! I hope that you get her back :)
      My boyfriend moved out 2 weeks ago, and after 2 years of living together its hard. Especially when now he is away for work and it will be almost a month of not seeing each other... and he barely responds to my texts, as he says that he is hurt, and stressed.

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    • Thank you dear sir. I hope it works out for you! Let me know!

    • thanks a lot, surely will do:)

  • It's over permanently. You won't ever have what you want with him and you won't remain friends

    • LOL good one

    • It didn't work, you're wasting your time but if you don't believe me then have fun with that

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