Prodded my ex on the bum to get his attention? Inappropriate or?

So we had been arguing via text about a week prior to this. It had gotten really out of hand and left both of us feeling angry : things weren't good and we were on the brink of never speaking again.

Anyway, last night I was in his work place. I'm generally a kinda fun loving/unpredictable girl? So I snuck up behind him and tapped his bum with my foot.

He turned round, seeming a little surprised and said 'well that was unnecessarily violent' but I reckon he was joking. We talked really briefly? But his voice went all soft and quiet on me so I could barely hear him. I basically said I was sorry about things, and left it at that.

So yeah? Was I inappropriate? Or was this ok?

Feel like I have lost the plot. Haha.
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  • This helped lighten the mood probably.
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  • Chances are you gave him a bit of a surprise.
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Is it even ok to still touch his bum? Haha


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  • Its a little awkward given that he is your ex. That kind of playfulness is usually reserved for couples. But at least you got to touch his bum one last time :P

    • Well he didn't seem to mind :) haha

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  • You're arguing with an ex? It's never a good sign if you want to get back together with him. Do you want him back or do you want to just be friends?

    • I guess just friend is ok? The arguments just seem to happen, like, they come out of nowhere. So yeah I'm ok with friends. Just hard when you still have feelings for the guy and he's moved past you.

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    • (hugs) You'll get through this because you're strong enough to. Things happen for a reason and maybe you were just not meant to be with him forever

    • Thanks, you're absolutely right. And I just Gotta keep looking at it that way.

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