Our final "goodbye" and he acted nonchalant. Why?

We broke up several months ago and he immedietely began dating someone else. I blocked him from all forms of communication, but after 2 months, he texted me how much he missed me from a different number. I said hello, but blocked him when he said he's still in a rship. And then this week, he texted me again to ask me to dinner because he's moving 3 hours away. She's moving with him. I told him it really affects me in a bad way whenever he reaches out to me from these different numbers especially when he always texts just when feel like I'm moving on. I then told him he's leaving me with no choice but to change my number. He replied
" Awwwe. But I dreamed about you last night. When I woke up, I was thinking about you"
Me: I need to move on. I'll always love you but I can't go through this anymore"
him: "ok :)"
Why so non chalant? If he loves me so much wouldn't he have been more upset?
Our final "goodbye" and he acted nonchalant. Why?
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