Our final "goodbye" and he acted nonchalant. Why?

We broke up several months ago and he immedietely began dating someone else. I blocked him from all forms of communication, but after 2 months, he texted me how much he missed me from a different number. I said hello, but blocked him when he said he's still in a rship. And then this week, he texted me again to ask me to dinner because he's moving 3 hours away. She's moving with him. I told him it really affects me in a bad way whenever he reaches out to me from these different numbers especially when he always texts just when feel like I'm moving on. I then told him he's leaving me with no choice but to change my number. He replied
" Awwwe. But I dreamed about you last night. When I woke up, I was thinking about you"
Me: I need to move on. I'll always love you but I can't go through this anymore"
him: "ok :)"
Why so non chalant? If he loves me so much wouldn't he have been more upset?


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  • Stop talking to him. He is in a rebound relationship that was a fling he never thought would go this far that he doesn't know how to get out of our how he really got in it.. he enjoys knowing he still had power over you and affecting you in such away. It's his high. Do what you said. Change your number and block him at all times. Let him suffer his consequences.

    • Thank you! Number is now changed and he has no way of ever connecting me. It was liberating to change my number. I think you were spot on about his relationship being a rebound that turned into a rship that he doesn't know how to get out of. But, I just can't figure out why he would move to a diff state and bring her with him. He could easily dump her now that he's moving, but nope, she's moving in with him there, too. It just hurts.

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  • He's trying to get something out of you. If you want to move on, don't respond to his texts, don't engage him in conversation. It just encourages him to continue. If you don't respond, he'll eventually lose interest.

    • I'm honestly going to change my number. I'm flirting down people/banks etc that I need to notify if new number. I'd love to say I can ignore him, but curiosity gets the best of me.

  • He mistyped the parenthesis. He meant :(

    • Yeah the smiley face was upsetting.

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    • Possibly he thinks I'm bluffing. I'm not tho.

    • Well, too bad for him.

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  • He is not satisfied with his new relationship and seeks attention from you to boost his ego. Stop responding.

    • Yeah? So why won't he break up with her then? That's what I don't get!

    • You don't have to "get it", he can be with her for whatever reason, it doesn't help you to try to figure out his motivations. Don't respond to him, realize he's playing you and disrespecting her, and why would you want a dick like that anyway.

    • Yeah, you're totally right. It just hurts. Five years together. I hope I can move on and find someone even better, but he was pretty damn good when we were together. I don't know who he is anymore.

  • Because he doesn't believe you. All you've done is shown him that you'll reply whenever the mood strikes him to message you. Find out who his current girlfriend is and say you will message her with his messages that he missing you and thinking about you. I highly doubt he'll message you again after that. It's really disrespectful to her for him to be doing this.
    Lol also ex's do have a unatural knack for knowing when we're moving on. You could change your number or take the other option above. Either or both would work.

    • Well, my new number will be in effect in just a few hours. I'm heading to my carrier right after work for a new phone and new number. Out with the old :). When he tries contacting me again, I hope it hits him when he discovers I truly changed it. He will truly have no way of contacting me now. None. Zero. I hope he feels like crap., I was really a wonderful girlfriend. His loss bigtime.

    • Good for you and best of luck!

  • Sounds like he didn't really care for you, and just wanted sex. Screw that fuckboy!

    • 5 years is a long time to use me like that, but thanks anyway.

  • No, he feels like he can still break through the walls you are putting up... all that was to hear you tell him exactly what you said.. he's probably trying to keep the communication going to keep u as the other women. . don't answer his call anymore. He's being a manipulator

    • Yep, his ego needed a boost. But in all honestly, he knows I'd never be his side chic. He really knows me better than that. I won't even meet him out for dinner before he leaves which really annoyed him "it's ONLY dinner. To catch up, to work on a friendship. It's only dinner." Grrr.

    • Lol.. yeah. your good , I would of went and then block his ass. But if you still have the slightest feelings towards him it was best u didn't. Good for you. Just know he's not finished. He'll still try to contact you again. So be on guard. Good luck ;)

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