How to get rid of her completely?

I met this girl in the summer and instantly fell for her. It was pretty intense nothing was going to stop me. I'm rarely attracted to others to were it's like this. Honestly it was in my head and for no real reason. She's even from a different country so after a couple of dates I made sure to keep in touch with all year I never wanted to meet other girls because I was into her, but it's not going to work no matter how much I hope because she doesn't like me. It's just I can't stop thinking about her even when I meet other girls.


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  • You need to keep yourself busy. If you're happy and have everything going for you great! You could try going on a few first dates with other women, but have you made it clear to this girl how you feel and asked her bluntly how she feels about you?

    • We skyped once a week every week up to a month ago. I told her that I didn't think this was going any where because she doesn't really open up to me and she's not available enough we should stop. Then she got really mad and said we are just friends anyway and blocked me. I don't want to stop but the whole year she didn't define anything so we were just in a strange middle grown and she said she only has time once a week because school. I miss her so much I can't believe she was playing me this whole time

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    • I'm not playing games like this she's not worth it and we will be living a lie. I didn't know she was walking all over me I thought she liked me because. Why does she stay in my life despite the distance for someone you don't like I never forced her to stay. But I ignored some signs I wanted to stop a while but she did something to make me stop when I choose to leave

    • She may be staying for the attention from you. It's giving her an ego boost. It's hurtful when they do this and immature, but it does happen. You'll get through it and find an even better girl. If you don't want to play games great, you respect yourself enough to not let it carry on any longer.

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  • keep yourself busy in doing things you like, like you should go to gym regularly or keep yourself busy by studying or anything you like to do


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  • i've been there, i think we all have.
    you just have to start visualizing yourself with someone else even if you have to create an imagninary ideal... just to get over her and then it will happen in time

  • That's terrible. It sucks to fall in love.
    Maybe you are more attracted to her because you know you can't have her?

    • I can't figure it out some girls just hit for Me regardless of looks or logic. It makes it harder because I've known her so long next time I need to just suppress the initial feelings and be cold

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