Is it ever ok to tell ex I miss them. Kind of confused about our situation but want him to know?

Bottom line he broke up with me. He was stressed for a while basically hid from everyone while going through this. Said he thought a lot and wasn't feeling what he thought he should between us and felt like we werent connecting ( His fault I think). Anyway broke up with me i did the no contact rule he initiated contact the first week after to see how I was doing. I one word responded to him. Next weekend the same thing to see how I was doing but this time he asked to hang and mb talk. We did but wound up having sex. I also slept over and I know him to not be a guy like that to use someone. I slept over and he told me to text later if i wanted to. He didn't respond to my text until thusday and apologized for being quiet. I initiated text this Saturday and we talked about random stuff until 3am. He was out with freinds. So i texted him the next day asking if he got home safe. He responded Monday saying lol yeah dont worry im still alive. So confused. So my other freinds who is both friends with me and him were on xbox last night and someone else had asked why we broke up and he told them bc he thought we werent connecting and it wasn't anything that I did wrong it was him. Now he's the one initiating I don't know if thats a good sign or what that means or what, but is it ok at some point no matter the outcome to just say hey i know were not together or whatever but i wanted you to know i miss you and us. I know nothings going to come out of it i just kind of want him to know that I still care if there ever is that glimmer of hope that he potentially still or ever would want this again even if i believe he doesn't because in my heart for some reason I dont think its fully over between us which is so cliche.


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  • This is going nowhere. You need to get out and stay out. These on/offs never last


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  • He knows you still care because you're still messaging him. You asked if he was safe and he shut you down. You're holding onto the false hope that he's going to say the same back. If he wanted to have you back he would do everything in his power to.
    Guys want what they can't have. Ex's in particular seem to have this uncanny sense of when we're moving on and then get in touch with us. Right now the best thing you can do is be civil when he messages you, reply and tell him how great your life currently is (if he asks). Keep yourself busy and try new things! Look your best wherever you go and you'll get the confidence boost you need to ignore him. You won't even have time to think of him.
    You deserve to be loved in the way you're willing to love someone else. He sounds too immature to be able to give that to you. Move on for now, go on a few first dates with other guys (when you're ready to). He needs to realise that you're not going to wait around for him. Only then is he going to chase you.


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