Need help with a ex boyfriend?

My ex and I have been chatting lately. I do love him but we're not together. I sent him this message and he stop replying to me why? The message below...

Honestly John I do still love you and in love with you but some things aren't meant. Plus you have something beautiful and there's no way in HELL I would mess it up. So yes I will always feel comfortable talking to you about anything.

To be COMPLETELY real with you I haven't loved another man the same since you. I loved you more than I loved me and that's fucked up but it is what it is.

I know he is still in love with me but he messed up!! Thanks


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  • move on.


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  • Move on and just forget about him. Block his number and block him off of social media.

  • Mistake #1
    "So yes I will always feel comfortable talking to you about anything."
    NEVER treat your boyfriend like a therapist.
    NEVER share your most intimate feelings.
    Why? Because you hand over a power to them. The power to read you like a book.
    Some guys will use that to play you.
    Never give anyone that much power over your life.

    I'm his mind, he thinks you can open up to him completely and so he uses it to his advantage.

    Sounds to me like he's in a relationship but still wants a piece of you.
    If he really respected you, he wouldn't be this persistent. If he really cared he would try to respect the friendship you are offering, but to him that's not enough.

    My advice is if he doesn't respect your wishes to maintain a PG relationship, then he isn't really your friend and he doesn't care about you as much as you think.

    I know my advice sounds jaded but I've dealt with this in the past and I guarantee you will make the right decision.

    It's easy to respond to that "just checking on you" text from an ex, all the good memories come back, you think about giving them a another chance but they are just playing you. Just testing the waters to see if you are still hung up on them. Best advice, cut him loose. He is not your friend.


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