Should I ask my Ex to Stop Contacting my Friends?

My long distance ex continues to keep tabs on my friends regardless that she left and tells my friends that it isn't a good idea to contact me. Should I contact her to stay out of my circles so I can have some breathing room?

She has her own friends and her own family to talk to; let alone, she is over 7000 km away from us.


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  • Just relax and let her be. concentrate on your life, your good friends, and your bright future. What other people do or say really isn't that important. Your mind, is yours and you can guide it to make you feel good, and then those around you will, too.

    Maybe even her, with time.



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  • I don't think it's your place too. If she wants to maintain a friendship with them then that's their choice. You don't get to tell her to stay out of anything. You wanting to do that is a sign of insecurity. Just get over it.

  • You can't control her actions or your friends. If they don't want to hear from her they will tell her themselves.

    • These weren't here friends though.

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    • Then why is her friends and family telling me who I can and can't talk to?

    • You can't control their behaviour either. You don't have to listen to them. It's petty of them to do it too, but that's mean you should do it. You all need to grow up a bit.

  • I'd talk to my friends who are in contact and ask them to chill.


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