Ex and being friends or wanting to try again. Signs?

We broke up about a month ago and I still have hope for us to get back together as bad as it sounds, but when you know its over you know and I feel it isn't as well as other people I have talked to. Anyway he was stressed over no job etc and basically hid away from everyone for a month. When he finally started coming back that is when we broke up. Hiding away for a month i would think does something and makes someone think these things. Anyway he told me he wasn't feeling what he thought he should and us not connecting or growing which is his fault. He also told his friends tha and his bff that he needs his life in order. Since then he has been contacting me every week asking how I am and now the contact ws more than once a week seeing what I was doing etc. At first I had the nc rule which is why i talked once a week. I also initiated once or twice. We always just talk about what I was doing how day went etc. Usually I was watching tv or what not. I am trying to take it slow, but I don't know if he wants to be friends or is trying to see if we can possibly start and try something again. I am not really looking for a freindship because It really is hard but I don't know. How do you know they want to be friends or if they are interested in trying again? like whats the signs.
Ex and being friends or wanting to try again. Signs?
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