Ex and being friends or wanting to try again. Signs?

We broke up about a month ago and I still have hope for us to get back together as bad as it sounds, but when you know its over you know and I feel it isn't as well as other people I have talked to. Anyway he was stressed over no job etc and basically hid away from everyone for a month. When he finally started coming back that is when we broke up. Hiding away for a month i would think does something and makes someone think these things. Anyway he told me he wasn't feeling what he thought he should and us not connecting or growing which is his fault. He also told his friends tha and his bff that he needs his life in order. Since then he has been contacting me every week asking how I am and now the contact ws more than once a week seeing what I was doing etc. At first I had the nc rule which is why i talked once a week. I also initiated once or twice. We always just talk about what I was doing how day went etc. Usually I was watching tv or what not. I am trying to take it slow, but I don't know if he wants to be friends or is trying to see if we can possibly start and try something again. I am not really looking for a freindship because It really is hard but I don't know. How do you know they want to be friends or if they are interested in trying again? like whats the signs.


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  • I'm currently going through a similar thing, he broke up with me because of personal things he was going through..
    But back to your question, only time will tell whether he wants to be just friends or more, hang out with him.. guys tend to express how they feel through body language rather than talking. See if you can get that 'connection' sparked up again between the two of you.. but also bare in mind that this might not happen, if not then it's time to let go of him.. don't stay friends because it will only hurt once he finds someone else
    Best of luck :)

    • Thanks! it is very hard because im not sure what he wants. Like I said he is the one contacting me besides the few times I did to him. I also know some of the times when he contacted me he was out but other times not and we jsut talk about what we are doing. We have not hung out but the 2nd week after the breakup it was late but he asked if i wanted to get together, hang or talk. Mind you it was close to 1 am by the time i decided and he totally understood bc it was late. I still went over. t was weird at first he had a candle lite and i sat down next to him next thing you know he's kissing me and we wound up having sex. He cuddled with me most of the night and held me close and I slept over. Which in my opinion if it was abooty call it would have happend and he would have said to go home but thats not what happened. Also aftr we sort of talked and he was talking in past tense saying this is how he felt when we broke up- the not feeling a certain way and connection.

    • Still being in contact with him and having sex with him means that there is no way he can miss you, if he doesn't miss you then how can you expect to regain that connection you once had?
      If you want him back you need to make him realise what he's missing..
      Are you sure he's good for you though? If he respected you he wouldn't sleep with you knowing that you have such deep feelings for him which he doesn't have for you

    • We did it once and after I told him this was abit weird because of the situation. We have not had sex since but like I said he has done the contacting. I do believe he's good for me., but I guess only time will tell.

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