To exclusive or to run away?

Hey all,

Its quite simple, met a nice girl about a month first few dates went well, there's good chemistry , good conversation and everything is going well. So anyway I told her I liked her and she reciprocated told her I wanted to keep seeing her and she said she did as well but that she didn't want to be exclusive. That kind of threw me. I realize we are only just getting to know each other and I am in no rush but does her wanting to be exclusive mean that she wants to meet other guys as well and just string me along. She's told me she wouldn't do that , that's its more she wants to go with the flow and see what develops. I'm nervous as hell and wonder should I break up with her or stop seeing her to protect my heart from getting hurt, I like her now, can only imagine it might get harder the longer it goes on.

Any advice or opinions


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  • She wants to keep her options open. Judging by the way she introduced the idea at the early stages of courtship, my guess, she's been hurt in the past and wants to take things slow. It becomes a lot easier to get to know a person when emotions are not invloved. Emotions can 'blind' an individual to a lot of things! I think she's a smart girl! If I were you, I would just relish the moment, and see where it leads. try not to think about it too much. And NO... running is not the solution. It's actually rather juvenile if you ask me. The two of you just started dating...She's digging you, you're digging her, sit back, relax, and enjoy it!

    • Thanks for your comment, I think your probably right, It sucks being hurt and its hard to get back out there afterward without feeling that its inevitable. I'm not going to run have been in touch and keeping it nice and fun. Thanks FemmeFatale

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  • This is a sticky situation. She's probably been hurt in the past and wants to take things slow and make sure that its right before she jumps in completely. I don't think you should run at all especially since she has said that she does like you as well and wants to give it a try. It sounds to me like she likes you but that she's just concerned about getting hurt and is keeping one foot out the door in case, keeping her options open. I would suggest you take it the same way and do the same.

    • Thanks for your reply, I can understand it hurts to be hurt and one never wants tomake the same mistake again

  • She is being honest about who she is. That is better than letting you think that she has stopped looking at other guys. For what ever reason...she still thinks there is someone better out there that she hasn't met. You need to listen to her advice. Basically she is saying that if you want to see one is not going to be her. That is just where she is at in her life. Good luck.


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