When an ex comes crawling back?

What do you notice about exes who come crawling back? I feel soo humilaiated because I have a good heart and spent a year trying to contact someone who broke up with me.
I didn't stalk or mean to harass or anything, I genuinely did love him.
The thing is with me, I give many chances and then I am done. I have people on my FB coming from 8 years ago. I just block if I am no tin the mood to cuss them out.
In your expereince, when do exes come crawling back?
is it when you start to move on?
when you get into a relationship?
when they get dumped?
when their relationship goes sour?
when time goes by? and how much time?


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  • If they left me in a way that hurt me i never notice how they crawl back i don't give them the time if day. They ask come back at some point and say i was the one they should have done right by and want to reminisce but i dont allow it. All i remember is how they made me feel and how they didn't care. I let my grace beauty and self confidence make ten regret ever leaving.

  • I've had an ex come crawling back to me before. And they do because they haven't had any luck finding someone or they are upset because they see that you have moved on. My ex came crawling back to me when he saw well I was doing without him and always how he wasn't having much luck finding another girl. All I could remember was how many chances I gave him when he only deserved one. He treated me poorly and even cheated on me.


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