Makes no sense still... will he regret it?

Hi everyone, long story short my ex boyfriend and I were together about a year or so and always discussed the future even him more than me at times and everyone loved him, great guy too. Sadly due to a lot of "nonsense" fighting on my end I guess he ended things with me after our one year anniversary. He said he was confused that whole nine and even teared up and wasn't sure if he was making the right decision. it's been a month now of NC because I basically initiated that and I hear that he's been asking how I am doing. I also heard he was "second guessing" the decision he made about a week or so ago yet I haven't heard anything from him. Guess I got my hopes up. There's obviously a lot more to the story but I'm afraid he will never regret it and want to work on things. Do you think he needs more time or was that just something he may have needed to vent at the time to his friend? I don't know what to think nor should I even be caring at this point.
Makes no sense still... will he regret it?
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