Where did I go wrong?

So this guy I have been with for 5 years has ended everything, the only reason being is that he wants his own 'space'. I dont understand his reasoning, I was never the girlfriend to be clingy, he never had to ask me if he was able to do anything because we didn't work that way, I trusted him. He had his space, I would only really see him on a weekend. Obviously I started to wonder if it was me, was I the issue? I asked him what I did wrong and he said nothing, he adores me still and thinks the world of me still etc. But that's so difficult to believe, I just don't understand where I went wrong? Our relationship was long, I can't imagine life without him and even though we have tried going separate ways before, we've always came back together, this time is different though, he's blocked me on everything to help me move on. I just don't understand, if he still adores me and all of this then why is it so easy for him to walk away?


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  • He wants to end the relationship and he's using the excuse he feels will get the least confrontational response, but also one that sounds justified. It's not about what you did or didn't do, he just wasn't satisfied with the relationship anymore.

  • i feel ya girl , as of today im recently in the same situation. I feel like we should take at face value and if they say that they do loves us and mean the world to them then maybe we do. I feel that guys are very different to girls in the sense that they dont like to feel smothered. my now ex byfriend said to me that you did everything right and he doesn't think that he will meet anyone like me but he needs his space to just figure himself out and see what he really wants. so maybe your guy feels the same especially since you've been in a relationship for so long , he more then likely wants to see what else is out there and more often then not most boys realise that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. he may go out and get with other girls but it will never feel the same as being with you but you just have to let him make his own mistakes and hopefully he realises that he has in fact made a very big mistake... i think i need to take my own advice :)


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