Should I just let everything crash and burn?

I like this guy. His behavior has changed recently and now it's starting to feel like the last guy I liked. The last guy I liked treated me politely but always ignored me a bit on purpose then I later found out that he was planning on dating another girl. My gut instinct tells me history is repeating itself. I so fucking tired of this. Should I just be direct with this guy and ask him if I should just stop trying with him? Let everything crash and burn like with the last guy. It's prolly gonna end badly anyway so I might as well go out with a bang.


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  • or just ask to hang out with him instead of playing dumb games

    • I did. I always do. I never play games and I'm the one who intiates. He said yes initally but we never made any concrete plans and recently he's been distancing himself just like how the last guy acted before he started dating his now girlfriend. And that last guy also said we would hang out as soon as his exams were done but a lot of things change in the few months that I waited.

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    • Just move on, it sucks I know

    • Yeah I'm trying really hard right now. Thanks

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  • I think you should go with what your guy says.
    After all, hindsight is always 20/20.

    I think you might as well, because you have nothing to lose.

    But don't see this

    • *Don't think of this as a "crash and burn"... think of it as a bullet dodged. :)

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    • Yeah this exact this happened with the last guy. Everything all the emotions they're so familiar. I told myself after that first guy that I wasn't gonna put myself through this again but I did and I kinda just wanna stop caring. Thanks for the advice. I'm trying really hard not to cry but I'm face is covered in tears. Sorry

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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