Guys, GUYS!! need your opinions!! what does this mean?

There is a long story behind it, I was broken up with in the beginning of April due to constant fighting between us and I guess "other things" and he puts it after a year of being together. He said he wanted me in his life yet basically wasn't willing to put the effort in to make it work. He wasn't sure what the right/wrong decision was and was even tearing up. There wasn't any cheating, no lies, he even said he didn't fall out of love with me, and even told friends and myself one day I would be his wife, we just fought over the same old things which I know can become too much. He said he was confused and even said he "lost compassion" over the last few months due to all the "bullshit" Shortly after breaking it off he was randomly contacting me over nothing. due to the fact that I was hurt I told him to please never contact me we both need to move (I didn't truly mean it) and now it's been a whole month of NC. recently I heard he's been asking about me and even said he was "second guessing" the whole thing yet I haven't heard anything from him personally. I don't know what to think and clearly I'm still hurt and wanting him back. I guess my question is, does that mean he may realize it and want to work it out, does he need more time for him to miss me? or just go on about my life and if he happens to contact me he will? cuz I feel no matter what I said about leaving me alone that he will contact me if he truly wanted to right?


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  • it's pretty lame reading the ex's talking about ex's around here.

    why don't you look at your relationship from a logical standpoint. access the likelihood of him approaching the same issues differently after one month of separation.

    what's changed for him? people will say they'll do anything if they miss someone.

    • well I know it's pathetic I'm clearly desperate for advice lol but I am trying to look at this differently but then again I don't know how men think in this type of scenario. I don't know what's changed for him I'm just off of what I heard a week ago that he was second guessing it and I thought stupidly I'd hear from him about it

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    • your right. thank you again. hopefully everything works out and I'm not dwelling on this months from now... hopefully it'll hit him

    • you're welcome. =]

  • If you made it clear that you dont want him to contact you... (thats what you said you did anyway) he may just respect your wishes and move on. If you want something to happen, you should probably think about making it happen yourself.

    • thanks for responding. I know your right but I keep hearing that if a guy really wants to be with you and he also broke it off with you, no matter what u tell him he'll come back if that's what he really wants. I feel it's stupid for me to tell him leave me alone and then go and text saying I miss him and want things to work, cuz he knows I didn't want this to begin with. I heard a week ago he apparently was second guessing it so I don't know if that means anything

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    • The only thing that matters is what you said last. And the last thing you said was "dont talk to me". I understand you are afraid... and fear is a powerful motivator. You basically have 2 choices... act and run the risk of rejection, or dont and run the fear of forever wondering what if. But I am just some guy on the internet with an opinon if you have a good 3rd option go with that.

    • I appreciate your advice. and that's the dilemma. i don't know if I should be the one to reach out even though I said that I mean he ended it with me, but also I don't wanna regret always wondering. to me k did try and he didn't so I guess il take it as it goes

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