Is she trying to make me jealous?

she tried to friend zone me and i told her i'm not interested in that if she wants something more hit me up. we were good friends but she was always flirty with me and even told me why i never ask her out in the past.

anyways, after months of no contact, she bumped into me at a cafe with another girl i was with. i was surprised, we chatted for a little bit and went on with our lives. i was not trying to get her jealous or anything, but i left the cafe not to make it look like i was rubbing it in her face, even though i was the first one at the cafe.

then a week later i see her again at a date with a group of friends. she act like she didn't see me and then all of a sudden she is all over the guy cuddling with him. honestly, it turned me on, i didn't feel jealous at all. but she would not let him kiss her on the lips, which is what i was hoping to see if she had the balls to do it in front of my face. i felt like she was trying to hard because she kept looking back to see if i was looking. i chatted with her and the guy and the guy was laughing all night and thought i was the coolest dude he met.

i played it cool and didn't let it get to me. i text her a week later to hang out but she said no. i told her it is cool hit me up if you change your mind.
Is she trying to make me jealous?
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