Why is my ex boyfriend flirting with my best friend when he knows how I feel about it all?

My ex boyfriend broke up with me about 4 months ago. When he broke up with me he said he still loved me and wanted to be with me but we'd been arguing a lot lately. He never really told me the real reason though in my opinion. After the break up we spoke alittle bit but not much. He acted very distant and angry at me. He didn't act sad at all though as if he didn't care and he didn't ask at all how I was considering he broke up with me. But anyway as soon as he broke up with me back at school he was trying to flirt with my best friend. Talking to her constantly and even she noticed. We all sit on a table together and every time he talks to her in front of me and when I look at him he looks at her constantly. He can never look at me though or look me in the eyes. He knows that I am quite a jealous person and he knows my previous relationship, when that ended the boy asked my same best friend out and she said no. He knew that happened and yet he is still trying to flirt with her. He has been ever since we broke up. The other day my best friend told him she wasn't interested in a polite way and he said "oh yeah that's ok don't worry about it " and he was absolutely fine. Not upset at all. Which makes me think he was doing all of that to try and make me jealous without the intention of asking her out. And because he knew my previous ex did exactly the same thing. So I want to know why he's doing that? What he could be feeling? And whether he will be thinking about me a lot more now considering he's just been rejected? Many thanks :)
Also I've heard he has been trying to meet up with his friend from school in the evenings recently and the other day I saw them both out walking near where I live and where me and my ex used to walk. This seems quite strange as I haven't seen him walking this way ever before as he lives in the other village a couple of miles away. Therefore I think he told his friend about this walk from experience when wee used to go. Could this mean he's been thinking about it and wanted to go back to revisit?
Please answer!!! Thank youuuu


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  • ... He knows that I am quite a jealous personand he knows my previous relationship...
    He also knows you very Well, I can tell here, dear, And Although he may Not want to be in a Real Relationship with you again right Now, Somehow... He finds a good excuse to keep you Around Town and to have you where he wants you, Hitting you also in your softie spot, Your heart.
    What is Good for the goose, Should be Good for the Gander as they say. See how he likes it if you should one day pull a rotten egg on him.
    He may be just enjoying his Free bird Freedom at the Moment, Wanting no strings attached. However, The fact that he knows that you both are still in each other's lives, He takes this for granted.
    Try playing hard ball and see if this changes things a bit with "The Early bird gets the worm."
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the Vote of Confidence. xxoo

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    • I was thinking about speaking to him. But he just seems so overly happy and very confident that it almost seems fake. So it's hard to tell what his real feelings are and I'm not sure whether he would tell me even if I asked. Do you think he does still miss me and want to be with me after the signs recently? Your advice is very useful!

    • Oh, I see, well, unless you try and at least have a talk, and maybe agree to be at least friends, you will never know.. Thank yu so much, sweetie, so appreciate it, and Yes, I believe he still cares and is not some robot where these feelings just switch off because he still has a heart right from the every start.
      However, don't get yourself ever in this Friends with benefits deal, many couples try this and it never really pans out. xx

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  • It is much more likely that he just does not care about how you feel.

  • because he wants to get laid.


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  • He wants a reaction from you and knows this will hurt you. Jackass


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