Does he miss me after the break-up?

I had a wonderful relationship, until I left for my exchange semester abroad. What I loved about him was his imperfection and that I could read him like a book. I knew he was a very easily scared person, narcisist and a person who rather not tries instead of failing. Only the last thing acutally bothered me, because I all the time got the feeling, that he rather doesn't try, to speak out his mind or he is not trying to push it further, or to break up with me. When I moved. He pushed me away. We started arguing a lot and started to insult me, which I made him stop (for a while). When I once in the middle of the night called him while crying, he told me that he is not sure if I am good girlfriend. Reason stated: i didn't bake him a cake (which isn't true i did and failed - I was pressured to bake lately), he cooked once for me and washed the dishes, and I didn't thank him and critize him (well, I thanked him that night 3 times, cleaned the kitchen area, which he left in a mess, and I said "well, there is a more eco-friendly way of cleaning dishes"), and because I showed to much decoltée on the airport and wasn't willing to change or buy new clothes. During my time abroad, my grandma was hospitalized. He didn't ask once for her in 3 days or asking how I felt. I made it happen, to see him for two weeks (which was really expensive). When my grandma died, he wasn't really there for me. I felt really lonely. But still I wanted to make it work. As I love him. When I came back, things were not that good. He realized, that I wasn't at my best terms with him. . But he assumed that it was connected with him being unemployed and me working at a big company. I moved in one of the most expensive areas. I found a shared appartment with 3 guys. (No other choice) After the break-up he called me, to break-up with me again. Which I told him was funny as I broke up already. He is blaming me for it. But I am missing the person I fell in love with. Now he is ignoring me.
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I texted him days ago, because he still got sth I really want back.

He responded. Later he asked a personal question about me. When I answered and asked back (how his job hunting is going) he didn't reply anymore.

I don't understand his behavior at all -.-
Does he miss me after the break-up?
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