Do each party miss each other after a breakup?

me and my girlfriend had a mutual break up 2 months ago, started off continuing to talk saying we missed each other etc then we had an argument about 3 weeks ago and she literally gives me one word answers if she sees me, to me it looks as if she is happy and getting on with her life and i do the same when i see her just act like i am unphased however deep down i am suffering so much and just want to talk to her because she truly is my best friend, the question is do you think she is missing me still and thinks about me daily like i do for her?



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  • i have recently just broke up with my boyfriend however it was not mutual. i have a lot of what you described to experience through out the healing process but all i can say to you is that you shouldn't be hiding how you feel... what is the point? all it does is make the other person think that you are okay when clearly you're not ! especially at such a crucial point in your life its not worth her thinking "oh well he's moved on from me so why should i bother" i think the best thing you can do is show her your raw emotions and lay all your cards on the table. the worst that can happen is that she says she doesn't feel the same and then you finally have the closure and you will no longer have to worry about how she feels. in a breakup i feel like both people want the other person to believe that they are doing okay without them... even if they are truly struggling inside. if she really loved you she will be feeling the same as you if not worse and is probably just putting on a brave face. just remember the worst she can say is that she doesn't feel the same , but it won't hurt as much this time around because you are already broken up.


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  • How is she supposed to miss you if you're still there talking to her. If you want her to miss you, then you should talk to her less, get out there date new people.


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