How to get over a really bad breakup?

Me and this guy have been dating but now we kinda broke up. The worst thing is he didn't directly tell me he wanted to break up he just completely ignored me which hurts a lot, considering he told me he really likes me and that he loves me and that I'm special to him and other stuff like this. I don't get why he would do this, like literally everything was going okay and then one day he starred acting different and ignored me, right now I feel really hurt and sad and depressed , I also feel worthless ugly and just everything bad :( why would you think he would do this? What should I do? How can I get over him?


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  • Most people will tell you that in order to get over someone, the best way is to get under someone else.

    This is actually really shitty advice because distractions do not solve problems, they only table them for another time.

    The best way to get over a bad breakup is to plant your feet, face it head on and ACTUALLY deal with the problem. Look at the problem in a critical light, see what you can learn from it and realize that it's okay to be upset and alone with your thoughts, and above all else, make sure you're TRULY ready as an individual to see someone new, not just use them as your rebound.

    • I don't think I'll ever be ready to be in another relationship after what happened I can't trust anyone anymore and this proved why

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    • Alright, I'm going to give you advice that I personally live by and has served me well all throughout my life.

      Rule Number 1 to trusting people: realizing it's not about luck, it's about skill, and it starts by taking responsibility for who you let into your life.

      When you say the words "I don't think I'll ever trust anyone ever again," you're denying your own accountability for the people you let into your life. Remember that in order for someone to break your heart, YOU were the one who decided to let them INTO your heart in the FIRST place, so YOU are partially RESPONSIBLE for them screwing you over.

      Being a good judge of character is a very real skill, and arguably one of the most valuable tools you will ever carry in your life. But first, in order to properly USE this tool, it requires honing and calibration, it needs to be TESTED, and that doesn't happen overnight. By saying the words "I will never trust anyone ever again" you are throwing away this valuable tool (cont).

    • Remember that there are people in this life who are good judges of character, they know WHO to trust and WHO to fall in love with, and it's not magic, they know WHAT qualities to look out for and HOW to read people. And it took real trial and error to BE that way. Don't throw away your valuable capacity to learn and understand both people and the world around you by shutting yourself away from everything.

      Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, LEARN what you did wrong and HOW you could have seen it sooner and WHAT to look out for, and apply it to your NEXT attempt at a relationship. Failure can be the greatest teacher, if we just open our ears for a second and take the time to listen.

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  • I feel you girl :'( Exactly in the same situation </3 it sucks not to have an answer , silence kills :(

    • Yeah silence does kill a lot 😞 id honestly rather have him tell me himself that he doesn't wanna date anymore or something instead of just ignoring me 😭

    • He's ignoring me too :( I just want him to talk and just say it so I can move on once and for all

    • I know right! Some people can be so cruel. I know what you mean having the person say it themselves would help a lot to move on

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  • sorry, but that was going to happen whether you like it or not... so don't be sad if someone left from your life... feel happy cuz the time show his real color before too late and before wasting more feelings and time.
    that relationship is not the ulterior motive of your life. there’s so much more to life than just waiting for his answers about what happened. an end of that relationship is not the end of your life.

    how do you trust someone who doesn't know what he wants?
    just don't put the blame on you, cuz you really didn't choose the breaking up... but blame yourself if you keep in contact with him.

    It doesn't matter how long a relationship lasted, what matters is how you'll prevent what happened from happening again.
    cut contact with him and get rid of old reminders in your space.. photos, gifts, etc... leave with silently... cuz you don't need his permission to live your life.

    go shopping with friends, change your hairstyle, spend more time with friends and family, take a hobby, join some volunteer work etc... that's will make you feel good about yourself and will replace his place and the connections that you had with him.
    forgive yourself and start over and be single for awhile to rebuild your self confidence.

    Good luck...

  • Appreciate the good things in the relationship and appreciate the end of the bad things.
    Accept that it's over and that you've grown from the relationship, and accept that things have changed and will never be the same.

  • time. just takes time

    • thanks for ba

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  • It's painful when someone makes you feel so loved and wanted one day, then the next they make you feel so unloved and unwanted. It can make you feel worthless and unlovable.

    Just look at the situation as an opportunity to find a guy who has the intention of staying. If he's stupid enough to walk away from someone who loves him, then be wise enough to let him go and move on.

  • Having the same problem. Try to find a replacement. That's what has worked best for me but it still bothers me. He didn't have the audacity to break up with me, just ignored me as well. I know how shitty that feels


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