! HELP! Do I have any chances of getting her back? If yes, how (First relationship don't know what to do to fix it)?

We've been together for a short time (3 weeks-almost a month). I knew there was something wrong from the way she acted... so we talked about it.. And she told me that she doesn't feel the way she did at the beginning. In general she told me she is having a great time but she doesn't feel that passion anymore. Even though she said it's her fault.. I believe that it's clearly mine.. I was too nice to her.. and i told her that we're going too fast (that's when she started changing her behaviour).
Well she messed me up because she was always saying she has a great time with me.. she even said that she is in love with me at some point. And now this happened. Problem is I started feeling things for her aswell.. and I really want her back. But as mentioned in the title.. she was my first relationship and i don't know what to do to get her back.. A friend I asked told me to use the ''No contact'' technique and at the same time start flirting with other girls to make her jealous. Another friend told me to go at her house, tell her how I feel and ask for a second chance. I really don't know what to do. If I talk to her again I will just be annoying her. I'm thinking of going for the no contact thing.. but for how long? And what else should I do? What do I do if she texts me? I'm a complete beginner to these things so yeah.. any advice or tips would be appreciated. :)


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  • No contact doesn't work on break ups. You will only get further away from her. But what you should do is maintain distance for a while and see for signs if she misses you or not. If she does then ask for the second chance and if not then move on which will be very hard as first love (if real), is very hard to let go.

    • I was thinking of staying away for a week and then talk to her once more to ask for a second chance.

  • Dude I think she was just saying those things to make you feel better. Best you move on.


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