Ex been texting me more, and joking is he trying to find info and miss me?

Me and my ex broke up a month ago. I still very much miss him, and want a 2nd chance if we could. It wasn't a bad breakup but he was going through some stuff. Anyway since the breakup he has been contacting me every weeek and it has gotten more frequent as the weeks go on. First week was the week after he broke up to see how I was then the following weekend, then during thr week and a few days after that. Like i said its been more frequent and I initiated it a few times since he's been more in contact. This weekend he texted me and we got to talking ans joking around. He said something like yeah he's bored until his hoes come over. I joked back and he said something like i probably have been getting it and am ok in that department now. He said there was no hope for him. It went on for a bit. I then said I was joking about it all and he said " although what you do isn't my business with a lol" I texted him last night asking what he was doing he told me nothing really, i then proceeded to ask some more questions and he answered them. With these texts could he be trying to find out information? and the initiation of him with the texts and such could he be missing me or what/ I might tell him eventually that I miss him and see if we could talk about us because to me it seems like there is something else. I know an ex is an ex and thing should be left alone but I feel like this whole thing is not over between us. Its weird bt i do. Kind of confused with it but what should I do? Im not pushing for anything just wishing for the best and expecting the worst.


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  • I think he's feeling lonely


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