Why would my ex delete me on all forms of social media except facebook?

6 months after my relationship ended due to 'bad timing' my ex has deleted me from snapchat, instagram etc... But not facebook


he was always the first person to view all my stories on snapchat and now just the random delete?

we ended on good terms and he has absolutely no reason to hate me. He wanted to keep in contact but i didn't so i could get over him.

but why go to the bother of deleting me off everything? And not taking the extra second to delete me off facebook?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Because you can unfollow someone's posts on Facebook so you don't see them anymore without deleting them. You can't do that on they forms of social media to my knowledge.

    We want to get over you too and it's harder to do that if you see what they post all the time.

    • thank you so much.
      can't get it out of my head since. Wish he'd spend a little less time trying to get over me and a little more trying to get back with me lol.

      Really helpful! Thanks again :)

    • Of course!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Because he wanted to. Maybe he doesn't mind you being on his Facebook, but he doesn't want you on the others. Only he knows why he did it.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Could be to stop himself from obsessively checking up on you.
    Might be that you post a lot and he doesn't want to see, while your Facebook is pretty tame.
    Maybe he doesn't want you seeing what he's posting.

    Really could be anything. Without knowing where his head is at and how he feels you can't know.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he got rid of those apps?


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