Crazy narcissistic soon to be ex-husband won't leave me alone?


I need help, I am newly separated from an alcoholic narcissist that I had been married to.
In short:
-he was sleeping with other women since a week after our wedding
-he missed the birth of our son because he was drunk and probably fucking the other woman
- he got lazy, chose to quit his job, get involved with drugs, and failed drug tests when a job "of his liking" came up
- he disregarded any of my feelings/ needs
- he used me as a nanny. All I did was cook/ clean/ watch his child from another relationship along with our child while he'd lie to my face about going out, and he would then disappear for days on end
- he'd keep me and the kids at the house all day with no vehicle, sometimes no phone or internet or TV while he'd go have a merry fucking time while telling me he was "going to go take care of it" or "going to hand in applications"
- he didn't care whether we had food or not
- any extra money went to him (video games, weed, alcohol) and not family needs. When I'd point it out as a problem he'd blow up about how he "deserves" it.
- he called me a whore, accused me of cheating, called me a failure of a mother and a whole lot more.

Fast forward to now,
I am living on my own with my son, back to teaching, and finishing my degree. My baby is well taken care of, we actually have clothes and food and fun activities we go do. This crazy ass man keeps messaging me saying things like:

"I'm sorry, I am kicking myself over and over again! I can't even look myself in the mirror for the way i treated you but that's not who I am. You know my heart is gold like yours."
"Yes I took advantage of an amazing relationship but don't throw this away so easily. Before saying no so quick think about our boy"

Paragraph after paragraph...
Will he ever give it up? I told him not to contact me anymore unless it is in regards to our son but the manipulative messages continue! Ladies, have you ever dealt with someone like this?

+1 y

There was never anything "beautiful" about our so-called "relationship". I fell in love with a facade, and the mask came off after our marriage. I tried to hang in for 2 years until I ended up depressed and on medication, feeling like a prisoner and emotionally unavailable to even my son. I tried changing myself, thinking I was always the problem, until an outsider made me realize what a monster he was. When I got out it was the most liberating feeling, and I have no intentions of ever going b
Crazy narcissistic soon to be ex-husband won't leave me alone?
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