He asked for a break but still comes around?

So for the past 9months me and my boyfriend were trying to make it work since he cheated on me a year ago. He apologized and tried his best to change. But I couldn't move forward so we fought a lot. One day I told him he had to choose between being single & having me & told him to think about it for a day. The next day he told me he wanted to move forward so I said okay but if you hurt me again I won't ever speak to you again because I can't handle any more pain. Once I said that he changed his answer and said maybe we need a break, you need time to heal, because he's not doing anything & my negative thinking towards him was causing a lot of stress on his part. He also said he knows all of this is his fault & he wants to work on our friendship and maybe you will be healed enough to try again with me. But ever since then he keeps calling & making dumb excuses to come over. He came over once just to take a nap with me. I told him he was confusing me & he said he's sorry he still loves me. A couple of days past & we still talked but then I decided to go out and party to feel better, I posted pictures & he suddenly un friended me on social media & won't talk to me. It's been a week & I miss him terribly but I'm giving him the space he asked for. Do you think he misses me as much as I miss him? Will he come back? Do you think we will get back together?


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  • sorry, but you're dealing with a guy doesn't want to take responsibility and commitment toward you.


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  • Honestly, I think you need to set boundaries with him. A good friend of mine once told me that he didn't believe in breaks bc you can't pick and choose when someone is going to matter. What your dealing with is a perfect example of why you shouldn't accept breaks either. If your guy wants to end things, then you need to be strong and do just that bc it's not fair for him to play with your emotions. Will he come back? Probably. But please don't be that chick sitting around readily available for him to hop in and out of your life because you love him. That's not love, it's a game. Don't play it.


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