My ex Blocked me on Whatapp? What does it mean?

1. we broke up but still stay friends.

2. He doesn't feel the same way anymore, he said. (he always rejected me for like 3 times but he couldnt let me go so he wanted to stay friends, and same to me bcoz i loved him)

3. I usually the one who follow him, like i do everything because i loved him. he broke my heart so many times but i still forgive him, but after this broke up i have changed a lot.////

i didn't replay his text often, didn't picked up his phone called when he called me etc.

4. 2 days ago he text me that he want me there and cuddle etc. and again i didn't reply. (im trying to move on and i think he just wanted to text me whenever he want to so i played hard this time by ignoring him)
He shouldn't say anything like that because he doesn't want me, he should let me move on right?

5. Next day, he called me again and then i didn't reply and he text me excuse about the text (i wanna cuddle, i want to here etc.)

6. after i ignored him, as a result of that he block me.

So, doesn't he still like me or he just bored or what? Im so confused LOL
He just want me after he realised that i dont need him in my life anymore
or He just blocked me because he didn't want to look stupid because he text me and i didn't reply. because usually i always reply like 'i want you here and cuddle' and shit. =-= WTF wrong with him?

+1 y
The reason that I Ignored him was because, I know he always on his phone all the time, so when he text me or call he will do what ever he wanted to. but i always reply him and shit.

also, he said he cares about me but if he truly care about me he wouldn't say 'I want cuddle and shit' after 3 days that he said he doesn't feel the same way anymore.

pissssssssssssssss me offfffff

My ex Blocked me on Whatapp? What does it mean?
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