I can't let go of my ex, please help?

My ex is playing mind games & it's making me physically sick. We decided to be friends but he started ignoring me again after I agreed to have sex with him on special occassions. I only agreed because he's my first & I dont want to sleep around. He posted a long status on Facebook about how good women are trophies but he treats me less than sh**. In our relationship I was 100% honest, faithful, & loving. Even now I do nothing but love & respect him. However, he continues to hurt me. I feel worthless & foolish for trusting him. I thought he was a good man. My heart literally hurts but I can't let go. Please help.


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  • You can let go. It's entirely physically possible to let go. You just don't really want to. Letting go is easy. You go on and live your life like normal and when thoughts of him pop into your brain you just accept that they'll happen because your human and remembering the past is something humans do. The letting go part comes next instead of focusing in on the past you stop and appreciate what you have now including the wonderful opportunity of the life ahead. Appreciate the past as an experience you can learn from but don't cling to it. You're going to think that being with this guy is better but time only runs in one direction and things are never going to feel like they used to. And that's only a bad thing if you decided to see it that way. The future can be bright if you stop focusing on the shadows. If he makes you feel like shit (assuming your not shit) then he's probably not seeing what it is that you have that should be appreciated and cherished. Your choices are keep trying to show him why he should treat you differently (which it sounds like you've been doing with no positive results for a while now) or stop and focus your time and energy showing the wonderfulness that is you to new people who hopefully will appreciate it more. Heartbreak is part of humanity. It's a lesson. Or at least it can be. It's not the end. It's not a sentence to life in solitude. It's just a page turning in your life's novel. I can sit here and pep talk you all day but you're going to read this and forget about it by tomorrow. Which has nothing to do with you and everything to do with being human. But sooner or later you'll find your own path and recover from whatever it is you decide to do. We learn through struggling so if you feel like this is ridiculously hard to get through just remember you're brains in thier working on something big.


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  • It's time To... Let go.
    He has making you an "Enabler" with Stringing your Vulnerable Heart on a continuous Rope of no Hope. He is using and abusing you to No end.
    As hard it will Be, Listen to me, Get rid of him so you can Strive to be Alive Again. Let this Incessant pool of Evil End this Full Circle Problem Path with the Hell with his Hath of Fury and Making you out as a Fool.
    Good luck. xx


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  • sorry for what happened... this is not love, this is called negotiate against yourself.
    cut him off and spend more time with those who make you feel like a queen... not with someone make you feel less than that.
    don't worry, It doesn’t mean you're bad... it just means that his part in your story is over.

    Good luck...

  • Just ignore him back and try to forget about him. You don't deserve that kind of person.


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