There's an old saying that if you love something then let it go?

that if you love something then let it go, if it comes back it's yours to keep. if it doesn't then it never was. Well, I DID let my ex go after we broke up...i moved five hrs away to college! then HE tells me he misses me. so it came back, right? Well we went on for another year and a couple months and he wants to break up again. JUST when things were getting great and serious, we get a puppy together, the whole works. Well, needless to say, we freaking break up again...He started talking to another girl RIGHT after we did, too! so I don't get it. do some guys just get bored and want to try out other girls or what?!? it just hurts so bad, I really thought we had something. things were great...but I guess they really weren't...he did come back AGAIN and said he misses things and we haven't talked for a couple weeks since then. I'm bringing his stuff to him next week so I don't know what I should do. ...what's up with this guy?!


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  • sounds like he's using you-- trying to still keep you around -- and see what other girls are better out there?

  • it's hard being in a relationship going into college. because you're suddenly thrown into this new environment (freshman year) where no one knows anyone else and everyone is looking to make friends. so he's probably a bit lost and confused with all the new girls and dealing with a girlfriend from hs (i'm assuming).

    • Well I was the one who went to college, and he stayed at home. Then I moved back and we moved back and moved in with him but then he started being how he I'm not sure, guess guys will never make since...

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