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I dated my ex for nearly three months. After about three weeks I had no feelings for him anymore. Towards the end of the first month I started to realized that we weren't anything near compatible, I was way out of his league and he was clingy and immature. It took me almost two whole months to break up with him since my first attempt failed. We have been broken up for 3 months now and I can't stop thinking about him. But it's not in a good way. I can't stop thinking about how ugly he is and about how stupid I was for wasting my time. And everytime he speaks to me I have this humongous urge to tell him to go away or something. I want to stop thinking about him because when I do I either get disgusted to the point where I nearly vomit or I get angry to the point where I can't stop picking out his flaws. He's a nice kid and I don't want to think of him this way. And I've told him many times that he shouldn't talk to me because I don't really think it's a good idea to be friends. Why do I think this way of him? And how can I get it to stop? The anger and disgust just isn't me and it won't stop.


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  • Maybe you felt like you wasted your time dating him. When dating people everybody has flaws. The best way to get over an ex is either by cutting them off completely or by dating other people and moving on that way. I think the easiest way to get over him is by focusing your time and energy on yourself more. Go out and do fun things, enjoy life, don't focus all your thoughts and energy on him. It will be hard to do since you still run into him. But with time and patience maybe those thoughts about him will eventually go away.


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  • If you've told him many times and he keeps doing it then you can't be nice about it or subtle. You need to be firm and harsh and tell him to stop. Then block him on everything


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