Break up/brush off advice?

I split up with a girl I was dating. tbh I am going through some massive personal issues I've gained weight, and my sex drive is minimal, while hers is huge. basically she was too polite to say that's what the problem is.
I just got the whole, your fabulous, wildly funny, amazing speech but she has some issues going on atm and isn't a good person to date at the moment. that's no drama, it wasn't the your too nice one at least.
Should I read anything into this at all? or just keep moving on, see what the future holds?


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  • "I am going through some massive personal issues I've gained weight, and my sex drive is minimal." It doesn't sound like a great time for you to be dating.


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  • it sounds like your personal issues are that you're insecure.

    because weight and sex drive are not factors unless you're comparing yourself to others.

    i say work on you, make yourself happy. when you can make yourself happy and be it, you are a magnet for others.

    • Thanks for your opinion that I am insecure, , but its actually the PTS from my fathers recent death and my occupation. If you don't think those issues related to stress/anxiety/depression affect weight gain and sex drive, you have a lot to learn.
      Also I wasn't asking on advice how to move forward from this situation, I already am aware of what needs to be done

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    • Are you capable of reading the bottom line from the question ?
      Does English comprehend with your intellect?

    • lol. i answered it.
      "work on you"
      dont read into it

  • If I was you, I'd continue to move on its always someone better


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