If your ex want to get back to you will you accept her/he?

But let's say you found out that during the break time he/she cheat on you... Will you be okay with that?
Are you able to love again a person who had sex with somebody else?


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  • He broke up with me in early April, for 2 weeks then told me 2 weeks later that he was going crazy the whole time and couldn't stop thinking about me the whole time and that he loves me, I came back to him. And we stayed together for like 3 weeks.
    Now he ghosted me for over 2 weeks. I don't know why, I think he doesn't know what he wants. But I miss him :( If he comes back again a second time, I doubt that I will take him back simply because it is emotionally tiring... But I would be glad to stay his friend.

    • It's a fresh wound for both of you, but he is infatuated by his friends, ego, self esteem
      and thinks that he will find a better girl. If you love him do not be afraid to tell him that off.
      If you feel afraid what to do, listen to you heart... you might get hurted but sometimes it's worth it.

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  • I don't give up on someone easily, I try my very best to keep them, but when it seems someone is not worth the time and effort anymore, I wouldn't give a fuck.
    Always remember the reason you broke up, that should be enough for you to keep hating her.

    • I still can't hate her, doesn't matter that she break up with me 5 months ago.
      She said that she don't love me anymore and the thing that she want to a have a beautiful body.

    • What does she mean when she says that she wants a beautiful and why can't she have one with you. That's the only thing I don't understand about your break up story

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  • By the time I end a relationship, there's a reason. The answer is no, regardless of the circumstances.

    • I'm pretty sure there is someting inside the circumstances, just some people are afraid to say the true in order not to hurt the other person.
      It could be for any reasons, you might don't like him, love or whatever, or let's say somebody else is better than him and you aim it straightly.

  • If you're broken up, it's NOT cheating on you. It's called moving on and whatever they do with their life is their business if you aren't in a relationship.

    • I agree with you, but I believe if most people didn't hurt the others,
      the world was going to be better, but it's normal everybody looks for the best option in this life.
      I'd say I'm broken for sure, after 4 years I just need to stop love her.

  • never in a million years.

    • can you give me the reasons?
      your ego? perhaps that you're the best girl ever and the others are nothing compared to you?
      or the next boy is better if he have bigger muscules and money,
      or you might feel bad if you girlfriends tell you: oh, no! are you stupid to go back to him, you are a girl.. you gotta have as much boyfriends as you can, you have to compare against us, we're the most faithful girlfriends ever.

    • i dont see you asking anyone else that.
      if you have a personal problem with me, trust me when i tell you that i dont care.

    • Who said that I've a problem, I'm just curious to know the motives, you won't get back to a person you shared your life with.

  • No
    I would kick her in the gut

    • So you respect yourself more then the love between each one of you.

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  • Depends on what you agreed upon the break. Maybe after they slept with someone they realized that the ex is the only one for them.

    • One friend told me the same, I like your answer.
      How about my ex break up with me and she was doing no contact for a lot of time lets say 5 months.
      Today I called her and she get the call for first time since the breakup...
      The previous times I tried to reach her she was ignoring me...
      I asked her to go out with me, but she pretend that she doesn't wanna go out with me basically...

    • Did she say why she didn't want to go out with you?

    • Well she asked me to do some favours about her, she have some stuff
      in my flat and the thing that she want it back, so I said okay I'll give it to you,
      but she returned no give it to our mutual friend he will bring it over here.
      I asked her to go out with me just to talk, but she said no I don't wanna go out basically with you... so she is completely over me once she doesn't wanna see me.

  • It's not cheating when u aren't together

    • Well I don't get it in the same way... I mean
      If she already tried somebody else, better do not reach me out in future,
      It may sounds gross, but I may not kiss the dick with the one she slept over.

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    • Yes but why couldn't she have a beautiful fit body?

    • I don't know, but I believe she felt inferior

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