Why does ex seem to show like he is trying to see what I am up to?

Broke up a month ago. Since the break up he has initiated contact every week. and now more than once a week usually. It started with things like asking how I was and then went into what I was doing, which usually was just watching tv or what not. He contacted me on weekends and then on weekdays as well. We did have sex 2x. The first 2 weeks after the breakup it just happened and it felt like nothing changed. I slept over cuddled all night kissed etc. The second time was this weekend. I know ugh! Anyway he has been initiating contact and I do here and there. i do miss him. This past weekend he contacted me we got to joking. We both were not doing much. It was a Friday night I was home and so was he. He joked around that his hoes are coming over later and then said that I probably was getting it. I went along with joke and said yea. he kept saying good get it etc but the way he said it was weird. I then told him I was kidding and he said " oh although what you do is non of my business lol" why put a lol at the end? It sort of seemed like he was seeing if i was with anyone or not but I don't know thats me. Like pretending not to care. He then texted me on Sunday asking to hang out. I agreed went over his house. He play fought with me and tickle fought me and joked around. We then had sex and I slept over. I don't want to say I was used, but im not sure. I am going to talk to him this weekend or whenever I see him and explain to him that I still am Into him and miss him and ask what he wants because having sex without a relatipnship hurts me and see what he says, if anything would be resolved. I do feel like we would have a 2nd chance as things were great with us. He was someone I saw myself growing with as in the beginning he did too and all of our friends still see. Could there still be something
Why does ex seem to show like he is trying to see what I am up to?
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