How do you get an ex boyfriend back?

He broke up with me a week ago today. He wasn't ready for a real relationship and cried as he did it. I kept my emotions in control and comforted him and basically killed him with kindness. I suggested trying to be just be friends again and see how it goes and basically that I'd always still be there for him. It wasn't a bad breakup and we ended up hanging out after. He keeps messaging me showing concern and I barely text back in comparison. Today he said that he hoped I was doing okay and I completely stopped replying to him Monday night. He has already tried hanging out with me once and I rejected him (basically said I might already have plans but I'd keep him updated). I haven't replied to his last messages and only initiated contact once because I was worried about him. He always replies to me really fast. Would ignoring be the best option at this point? What else could I do? I've kept busy all week doing different things so that I wouldn't mope around haha and he knows it because we have mutual friends.


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  • You dont want him back and his tears were fake


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  • The first phrase says it. "He broke up with me a week ago today. He wasn't ready for a real relationship"
    HE'S NOT READY FOR A RELATIONSHIP and his tears were probably from the fear of loosing you. Guys like to have options and keep girls around in case the next thing doesn't work. He broke up 'cuz he wasn't feeling it with you. You should move on. Ignoring is the best thing to do and keep busy, don't fall for his games


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